CEO message

CEO message

A valuable company that pursues change

Wonjin Tech Co., Ltd, a comprehensive engineering company has fulfilled optimization of industrial facilities which is the backbone of domestic industrial production.

As showing the vision by KyungDong Group’s symbol mark () “to guide the way of human living”, we aim to build bright future and creation of agreeable space for living that connects between Wonjin tech and its customers.

Over the past 30 years, in the industrial equipment machines’ field of drawing, production, installation, maintenance, repair, automation factory facilities and plants and so on, we have contributed to increase competitiveness of a nation and societies. In addition, we have focused on developing new technology to maximize output of our industrial facilities because of increasing customers’ satisfaction.

Especially, in the plants of milling and separating, we are the industry leader who possesses technology from Sub- Micro to Nano. We have stepped up our facilities to improve productivity and to reduce cost. In addition, we are aiming to rise the best global company based on proving customers high quality service, so we keep making an effort in R&D.

We will continue to invest R&D to produce technology- intensive industrial facilities. Capitalizing on our technology-intensive industrial facilities, we will dedicate customers to reinforce competitiveness in the world market and get high added value. We will keep focusing on customers’ satisfaction as our priority. Your continued attention and support will be great foundation to us to become a global leader in industrial facilities.

Thank you.

CEO Jong-geun, Choi