Corporate Identity

KyungDong Group’s symbol mark, the basic building block of the CI (Corporate Identity), implies the ‘Corporate value of respect for people’ as pursued by KyungDong personnel with the letter ‘human 人’ at the center. Together, the initial ‘K’ delivers our aspiration to expand locally and overseas and the forward looking spirit of ‘Human-Care Environment Business’ that KyungDong seeks in the future.
In addition, the orange ‘Perfect Circle’ at the left top of the symbol that stands for ‘Sun’ shows KyungDong’s vision to guide the way of human living, and the hope of amiable encounter between KyungDong and its customers’ and ‘Creation of agreeable space for living that connects KyungDong and its customers’.

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy
  • Respect of ethics and morals
  • Coexistence and co-prosperity among all staff
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Management policy
  • Reinforce of new technology
  • Development of new facilities
  • Exploitation of a new market
  • Corporate Mottos

    • to be based on diligence
    • to be united by corporate harmony
    • to create new technology
    • to build the best company